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SERVICES 服务范围 - Criminal Law 刑事法

Criminal Code Offences

We can advise and represent you on Criminal Code offences in the Provincial Court of British Columbia. We are experienced in defending our clients in a wide variety of criminal charges, including shoplifting, fraud, assault, impaired driving, drug offences and other criminal matters. We also assist clients in applying for Diversion and Pardon in appropriate cases.


Youth Court

We represent young offenders under the age of eighteen years, who have been charged with criminal offences in Youth Court.


Other Offences

We also advise and represent clients who have been charged with quasi-criminal offences under other Federal and Provincial Statutes, such as Fishing Regulations, Plant and Wildlife Act, Motor Vehicle Act, and Offence Act.


本律师事务所可以在卑诗省和其它省刑事法院代表阁下及作为您的顾问.  我们在各类刑事法控诉上有辩护的经验。例如: 商店行窃、 欺诈、殴打、 酗酒失控、 吸毒及其它罪行。 我们也能帮助当事人在某些案件上申请庭外和解及赦免.








本律师事务所可以在当事人被控於联邦及省政府刑事法庭代表阁下和作为您的顾问.例如:  违犯钓鱼法、 植物及野生物法及其它刑事法.

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