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SERVICES 服务范围- Wills & Probate 遗嘱 & 认证

Wills and Estates

We can advise you and draft your will in accordance with our instructions to protect your family and your estate. We prepare individual wills, as well as, cross wills for spouses who wish to prepare their wills at the same time. After execution of your will we will file a Wills Notice on your behalf with the Division of Vital Statistics in Victoria, B.C.



Probate and Administration

We can assist and represent the executor to obtain probate of the will and to distribute the estate to the beneficiaries. Where there is no will, we can advise and represent the administrator to obtain letters of administration, and to distribute the estate according to law.


本律师事务所会提供意见及遵照阁下的意愿草拟阁下的遗嘱来保护您的财产.  我们预备个人遗嘱,以及, 如在双方配偶同意下, 同时预备相互遗嘱.  在执行遗嘱後, 本律师事务所将会代阁下在卑诗省维多利亚市的人口统计局存档.




本律师事务所能够协助和代表遗嘱执行人获得遗嘱认证及将遗产分配给受益人.  在没有遗嘱的情形下, 我们可以提供意见和代表管理者去取得管理委任书和依法分配遗产

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