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SERVICES 服务范围- Notarization & Statutory Declaration 公证书及宣誓证明书


We can assist you to prepare and attend to execution and notarization of exhibits and legal documents prepared in Canada or from foreign countries, such as insurance proof of loss forms, ICBC forms and Powers of Attorney. Please ask us about our other Notarization services.


Statutory Declarations

We can prepare and attend to execution of various types of Statutory Declarations for such purposes as: Guardianship for students studying in Canada, single status for marriage, sponsorship of relatives visiting from abroad, and change of names.


Power of Attorney

We can prepare and attend to execution of Powers of Attorney for use in British Columbia.


本律师事务所能够协助阁下草拟及公证各种在加拿大或其它国家的证件和法律文件.  例如 : 保险的损失证明表格、 ICBC表格和授权书。 欢迎询问我们有关其他的公证服务.




本律师事务所能够协助阁下草拟及签定各种不同的宣誓证明书.  例如 : 授权书, 监护权书, 单身证明书, 为国外亲友旅遊探亲的担保书, 及姓名更改.





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