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"We at Wallace M. Wong & Co believe our primary responsibility is to our clients, to provide the most effective legal services possible within the constraints of time, money and experience."


"本律师事务所同仁一致认为我们的基本责任是对于客户,在有限制的时间, 金钱和经验下提供最有效的法律服务. "

We respect the rights of all individuals to fair and affordable representation with the judicial system without restriction due to disadvantages of financial status, ethic background, or language barriers.


Our second responsibility is to the firm itself, to ensure its survival and continued growth. But we do not advocate growth without the same standards of quality and concern that have allowed us to become what we are today.


Our third responsibility is to our community in which we live and work. We encourage civic involvement, public legal education and training.


We want to be known as a law firm that cares and helps, and this will always be emphasized in our service and in our work environment.


Ask about our competitive fixed fees, special contingency fees and our hourly rates.


We also provide family and criminal law services for clients who qualify for referrals from the Legal Services Society of British Columbia. Please inquire about how we can assist you.

我们尊重所有人在司法制度下的权利, 亦能在不受经济, 种族及言语的影响下, 公平和经济地代表阁下.


本律师事务所同仁一致认为我们的基本责任是对于客户,在有限制的时间, 金钱和经验下提供最有效的法律服务.


我们尊重所有人在司法制度下的权利, 亦能在不受经济, 种族及言语的影响下, 公平和经济地代表阁下.


本律师事务所第二个责任是对于我们生活和工作的社会.  我们会热心鼓励公民活动, 公众法律教育和训练.

我们要大家知道我们是一个关怀和协助大家的律师事务所.  这一点将永远在我们的服务和工作环境中受重视.


本律师事务所也提供许多不同性质的服务.  例如: 提供独立的法律意见及履行判令执行。





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